Most trench applications utilise 'cross blade' grilles (as opposite) where the grille extrusion runs across the trench. This extrusion, which is used in other grille types, is manufactured from 6063 T6 grade aluminium and anodised natural AA5 to BS1615. The top face of the extrusion has a width of 6mm. Spars made from this extrusion are cut to length, punched and then crimped onto 7.6mm mill finish aluminium tube (rigid type) or black Nylon-11 tubing (flexible or 'roll-up' type) if specified.

Other types of grille available are detailed below. If what you require is not shown, contact us.


Anodised Grille
Bronze Anodised Rigid
As described and shown above, these are our most popular grilles for finishing trench heater casings. As standard they are supplied anodised natural AA5, but are available anodised in various colours or painted to any RAL colour. Supplied rigid, as standard, at a maximum length of 1500mm. They are jointed using tailor made spacers to ensure the correct pitch. As a flexible option they are available up to a maximum length of 10m (width dependant). Hold down clips are available if a degree of tamper proofing is required.
Painted Grille
White Painted Flexible


Linear Grille
Linear Trench With Mitres

Linear grilles, as the name suggests, have spars which run lengthways. Again these are a popular choice for finishing trench casings, but can also be wall or ceiling mounted within a frame for use with air management systems.

For wider floor mounted options, linear grilles are manufactured with an integral strengthening extrusion to do away with any need for unsightly and expensive grille support combs.

Linear Grille
Low Level Inlet / Cill Outlet


Linear Grille
These grilles are generally supplied with our perimeter heating systems (although other types can be requested). They can be supplied natural (Anodised AA5), painted to any standard RAL colour or anodised. A dampered version is available (see below)
Linear Grille


Stainless Grille
Folded, Polished Stainless

We manufacture two types of stainless grille. On the left is our lightweight, medium duty grille. The innovative design and manufacture results in a sturdy yet lightweight product. For applications where a far stronger grille is required, we offer our heavy duty stainless grille (right). Manufactured from solid bar with either stainless or Nylon spacers assembled onto stainless rod.

Stainless Grille
Heavy Duty Stainless


Stainless Grille
Stainless (and other) non-vision grilles are made to order, to fit whatever application required.
Stainless Grille


Linear Grille Variable Damper Grille
Mitred Grille Mitred Grille
We manufacture special grilles to suit any requirement. Far left is a variable damper grille which gives a degree of control to our perimeter heating. To the left is a standard mitred grille which we can manufacture at any desired angle. On the right we have a curved grille. We can supply aluminium and stainless grilles at almost any radii.
Curved Grille Curved Grille

Column Grille

Stainless Column Grille


Perimeter Heating


Trench Heating



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